Split Pea Soup Redux + A Night of Tarts

My big cooking plans for the week are on hold cuz I have a ton of leftovers. This isn’t necessarily bad since it it means dinner is on the table in 15 min after work and gym.

In this case, I decided to try the pea soup again. I was hoping that it would have thicken and take on some more flavor.


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Split Pea Soup

I love me some split pea soup. Now that the weather has turned and with a nudge from a post this week on thekitchn.com, I was armed with a base recipe to try making myself. I was gonna make the crust for quiche today, but I was to tired after the gym today and stuck with this. Aside: these really gross ads for Denny’s new cheese menu keeps running and I swear they are not even bothering to hire a food stylist and the macaroni and cheese patty melt is just vile looking.

Anyhoo, so I had a summer squash around and thought it would make a good addition. And some ginormous leeks and I like leeks so used those rather than onion. But first, we got home from the gym and were about to start cooking and I can’t find the split peas I ordered from Fresh Direct. So I ask the husband if he remembered unpacking them. No. Ugh. So I look at my order and see I forgot to hit the checkout button on all three, yes three, screens and it did not get into my updated cart. I really hate that I have to confirm my order three times. Effing irritating. So now we have to go to the stupid Fine Fare. Lucky I checked and saw that my carrots and celery did not in the cart so I knew to get those too. So we are at the Fine Fare and they have no split peas in the yuppie, I mean organic section. So I go to grab the Goya ones. The husband is all confused and asks why I wanted the organic, will the Goya not taste as good? I’m all, no it’s the same, I just wanted the other cuz I’m a yuppie. We lol’d.


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