Chicago-Style Pizza

Yeah, no on deck this week. I had a half day on Friday at work and got my hair did, so I skipped it. This was in the email I sent to myself of things to make this week though.

I`m going to be lazy with this. I made it once prior when I was using my facebook to catalog my recipes, and yes, I am going to just cut and paste. The pictures are new though.

This is no health food, so, hit the gym the next day. I got the recipe off The Slice, which linked the exact recipe on thirtyaweek, it is originally from Cooks Illustrated.



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Pizza Party Redux Part 1

We`re gonna have a Pizza Party Tonight! Alright!

Well first we have to make some dough. The last Pizza Party had dough made, but it`s Saturday and dough needs to be made. The husband asked earlier today if we should start the dough. But the apt was not cleaned yet band gym not gone to. So we waited. As an aside, my friend Delphine just gave me some obnoxiously neoned pink/orange Nike dryfit tanks yesterday and I tried one out today and it rocks.  I never buy fancy gym clothes and while I will never be hit by a car crossing in this thang, it is super comfy and sweatproof.

Then it was time to make the dough. I use Jamie Oliver`s recipe. It works well and seriously, just make your own dough. It totes angers me when I see recipes to buy dough. It doesn`t take long to make it and you are left with dough for 8 pizzas. It is better in the end and leaves you with dough for more Pizza Parties!!!!!


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