Pizza and Philanthropy

I’ve been neglectful.  Very neglectful. But I have been cooking, I have also been battling bronchitis and all week have been doing double duty cleaning out the freezer and killing off the leftovers by eating all the soups I have mad over the winter that I froze for later.

I did have a massive cookfest over the weekend.  The husband and I are team captains for NAMIWalks NYC which benefits individuals and families living with mental illness.  We were recipients of a $100 stipend from Fresh Direct to host a dinner party and if you read this, you know I pretty much only shop the lazy way – online with everything delivered.  With the exception of Market Hall Foods for my specialty items – imported flours and salts and spices and olive oils,  Fresh Direct is my go to for food.  I was pretty jazzed to be chosen to host.   I decided, to use it to host a party for the walk team, though we were sadly missing a team member who was away and could not attend.

We had a fancy Pizza Party.  I was a little worried at with having a Pizza Party since you can only do 1 at a time, but it worked great!  I bought the major major pizza cutter which has totes changed my life and I would highly recommend! It made cutting the pizzas small for cocktail eating perfect.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation online towards my walk effort.  Any amount is appreciated and all donations will go towards funding NAMI’s free education and support programs.

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Barcelona 8

It was our last day in barcelona and it all went astray. The husband finally got a full blown stomach flu and was down for the count. Or rather puking his guts out.

I went out to get to do some last minute stuff in the afternoon. Namely check out the kitty garden and grab some lunch. The kitties, it turns out, were not accessible and I could only stare at them longingly throughout the fence. So I went to read a mag and then walk around.

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Pizza Party Part 3: Heirloom Tomato Pizza

So I wanted to recreate last weeks heirloom tomato tart but as a pizza. I was going to add some goat cheese, but decided I had enough cheese on this. What? Enough Cheese? Yeah, I know, Crazy!!!!  Regular tomato sauce Pizza Party can be found here or here


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Pizza Party Part 2: Standard Pizza

Before I get to my heirloom tomato experiment, we have to have Standard Pizza. Standard Pizza is sauce, olives, onions, mushrooms, fresh mozzerella and sausage half for the husband.



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Pizza Party Redux Part 1

We`re gonna have a Pizza Party Tonight! Alright!

Well first we have to make some dough. The last Pizza Party had dough made, but it`s Saturday and dough needs to be made. The husband asked earlier today if we should start the dough. But the apt was not cleaned yet band gym not gone to. So we waited. As an aside, my friend Delphine just gave me some obnoxiously neoned pink/orange Nike dryfit tanks yesterday and I tried one out today and it rocks.  I never buy fancy gym clothes and while I will never be hit by a car crossing in this thang, it is super comfy and sweatproof.

Then it was time to make the dough. I use Jamie Oliver`s recipe. It works well and seriously, just make your own dough. It totes angers me when I see recipes to buy dough. It doesn`t take long to make it and you are left with dough for 8 pizzas. It is better in the end and leaves you with dough for more Pizza Parties!!!!!


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Pizza Party!

If it were 1981 and Black Flag were here they would be really really excited because We`re gonna have a Pizza Party Tonight – Alright! There`s no Black Flag but I can still pretend that Pizza Party and TV Party are the same thing.

Pizza Party can be either super fast or take some time, in this case it is fairly fast. Either way it is way cheaper, way better and way faster (kinda) than ordering up one. And you know there is no corn syrup in the sauce. I hate corn syrup. Even Lombardi`s corn syrups their sauce these days. At least I am convinced the do, it is way too sweet, if it isn’t corn sypup it is pretty sugary. Maybe you like sugary, then just make your sauce sweeter.



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