Polenta with Yellow Squash, Broccoli Rabe and Roasted Tomatoes

This is another super simple. It takes 5 minutes to prep – 10 if you chop slow. Stick it in the oven and roast and you are done. I make a lot of polenta since it is super adaptable, speedy and gluten-free. Here is another version. Like always, I roasted the veg. With a Simple salad, you are good to go with a ton of veg.


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Polenta with Roasted Broccoli Rabe, Cauliflower and Tomatoes

It is cold and rainy and I really and a bit irked that I am not currently at the gym because the husband did not decide to leave work and I need him to let me in my building`s gym because they don`t have my hand scan for entry yet because they only take hand scans on Fridays between 9 and 11am when I am at work. So I am waiting, and have started roasting, not on the timeframe I wanted. Boo! Ok, am off to the gym.  Follow along with the rest of the recipe.




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Polenta with Tomatoes and Artichokes and Some Random

I am playing catch up this week. Lots of catch up. Worse, I am getting a cold again. For realz this time. But I have a 9-6 event tomorrow so no time for that. The problem with vacations, for me at least, is that I am so used to not eating prepared foods at this point that my immune system goes haywire from the germs or something and I get a cold. That and vacation from work just means more work to catch up to.

I still have some Barcelona posts to catch up on too but here are some things I made this week and I have an On Deck ready for tomorrow. But crap, I will be out of the office all day tomorrow so it may not get posted til Saturday. And I have not gotten to the gym this week. Saturday. *sigh*


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Polenta with a Kinda-Fall Summer Ragu

So I did my first CSA shift today and ugh. I was left for the first half hour with the cool parents and their screaming faux hawked fresh from charter school kids. I was charged with fixing the tare on the scale after the kids would mess it up. Finally, after I thought there was no way I could stand here for an hour and a half, I was given the clipboard to check off names. Yay. Something better to do. And all the kids were gone. This whole routine let me exhausted so I skipped the gym for a glass of wine.

I decided to make something out of nothing, meaning I had some produce that needed attention: summer squash shitake mushrooms and a very ripe tomato. A summer Ragu with a nod to fall with some white truffle oil I just procured for the florentine eggs I still have not made cuz I need to get ramekins and can’t decide if 10 oz is the right size. And they are white. I don’t want white. *sigh* yuppie problems.


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