Roasted Carrots and Brussel Sprouts with Puy Lentil-Basmati Pilaf

This is really not much of a recipe, I`m really just cleaning out the fridge, but whatevs. I had some mixed color carrots and brussel sprouts that needed to be eaten, so I just roasted them simple with some garlic. I was at a bit of a loss as to make with it. I suppose I would have just done a kale salad, but I got more festive – puy lentils, I have those. I could have made this and stuffed it in the mushrooms, but decided to just make a pilaf. The leftover pilaf can be used to stuff some mushrooms later, or a squash. For now, it is just a big ol vegan platter.

NB – yeah, I seem to be doing a lot of vegan for no reason. Not that there is anything wrong with that.


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Jambalaya in a Snap

So this jambalaya is a recipe my mom used to make. It’s easy and fast and can be done in a half hour or less and I like it, even if it is not what they prolly make in the Bayou.

It also super adaptable, meaning, I don’t eat meat and it can easily be left off to the side for those who do, or left out all together. In our case, we leave it to the side for the husband. I think the base recipe is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but would have to ask my mom.



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Italian-esque Tuna Rice Salad

I used to shop at Todaro Brothers, an Italian small grocer/ Specialty foods shop as I lived in the neighborhood. While they had great selection of imported foods and nice produce and bread and stuff, their prepared foods were the bomb. Fresh and fairly inexpensive as far as that goes. They had an Italian tuna salad that I bought to bring to the US Open like 12 or 13 years ago, when Capriatti had that not-so-comeback and the Williams sisters still wore hair-beads and there were no sexy men, i.e. Federer in the game, so however long ago that was. I also thought, I can make this. I added rice to mine to make it more of a meal and made it to death when I was eating gluten free. This means I hadn’t added it beck into rotation forever until about 2 moths ago when there was the heat wave and I remembered that I used to make this. Luckily the husband had forgotten that I used to make this like every single day.

It’s fast, simple and is pretty much comprised all of just kitchen/pantry staples. It also makes a ton and can be eaten hot, warm, or room temperature. Perfect for a humid late summer night, and perfect to make post work and after-work workout.


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