Roasted Wild Ramps and Asparagus with Salmon and Wasabi Edamame Rice

I suppose this could be 3 separate posts, but I am too lazy for that, and made it all together, so 1 post it is. Besides, these all go together well.

Ramps are in their brief season, so I grabbed some and decided to roast them. I still have another half bunch that I will possibly make a pesto with.

This is all an impossibly simple dinner to make and it could be grilled if you have the weather for it. I`m roasting mine. Salmon, just foil-wrapped and roasted. Asparagus, just peel the ends and roast it. The rice, just add some lime, wasabi, and edamame. That`s it.

Ramps are so the best thing ever so get some and try this.


Plating fail – I broke the salmon transferring to the plate.  Doh!


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Salmon Burgers with Wasabi Avocado Mayo

I’m doing this whole post via iphone so am keeping it short

This is a pretty easy and healthy thing to make. I suppose you could bake the salmon cakes, but I’m out of non stick foil so I did in the pan. While the is easy and fast, to get a nice golden crust on the salmon, you want to give yourself a good half hour to cook them. With the wasabi-avocado mayo, they are like salmon sushi burgers, but cooked.

I skip a bread binder to keep it gluten free and cal count lower, if you skip putting it on bread product, it is totes gluten free. I used the bread product because I like it.


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Citrus-Dijon Salmon En Papier Style

This has to be the easiest thing in the entire world and can be done a ton of ways. And it is speedy – 5 min of prep and 20 in the oven and you are done. Usually, I will do the veg in with the fish, but since I was going to the gym, I thought that it would save some time to slow roast my veg separate on the side and stick it in while I was at the gym. This is super to do for a dinner party since you can cook everything in individual packets and just plate it by slicing the foil down the center to serve. It is also pretty failproof, it is hard to overcook it in the oven and it does not stink up the house like pan-frying the salmon does.

For this, I just did the salmon in some pepper, dijon, thyme, and clementine slices. I roasted the potatoes on the side and some cauliflower and added some dijon to both halfway through cooking.



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