Roasted Beets + Marco Pierre White

I really enjoyed The Devil in the Kitchen, so imagine my disappointment when I started being inundated with Marco Pierre White starring in ads for Knorr.  Worse, the upshot of the ad is that he pretends to use the preservative laden product in restaurants, which he, like every other “star chef,” don’t actually cook in, and worse, like he uses it in cooking at home.   Maybe I am naïve (see Hal Hartley), but I kinda liked that White publicly stopped ended his restaurant chef career to pursue more money in endorsements/ad revenue/tv/etc.   You know, I kinda respected the honesty, unlike every other name brand chef.  But, now he’s pretending to work in the kitchen with this Knorr business. I`m disappointed.

Edit: a quick search today led me to this, and also that he has been shelling for them for years, the US ads are just new.  Oops, though, still am  disappointed.

Now on to the beets.


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Split Pea Soup Redux + A Night of Tarts

My big cooking plans for the week are on hold cuz I have a ton of leftovers. This isn’t necessarily bad since it it means dinner is on the table in 15 min after work and gym.

In this case, I decided to try the pea soup again. I was hoping that it would have thicken and take on some more flavor.


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