Healthy Tuna Casserole – No Cans

I happened upon this last winter. I’m not sure I was looking for it, but when I found it, it sounded pretty ace.  I had forgotten about tuna casserole! I made some changes, and this has no cans of cream of crap soup.

It’s not gonna change your life, unless you have never had a Hot Dish, but this is good, easy, and comfort food. Try it.


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Polenta with a Kinda-Fall Summer Ragu

So I did my first CSA shift today and ugh. I was left for the first half hour with the cool parents and their screaming faux hawked fresh from charter school kids. I was charged with fixing the tare on the scale after the kids would mess it up. Finally, after I thought there was no way I could stand here for an hour and a half, I was given the clipboard to check off names. Yay. Something better to do. And all the kids were gone. This whole routine let me exhausted so I skipped the gym for a glass of wine.

I decided to make something out of nothing, meaning I had some produce that needed attention: summer squash shitake mushrooms and a very ripe tomato. A summer Ragu with a nod to fall with some white truffle oil I just procured for the florentine eggs I still have not made cuz I need to get ramekins and can’t decide if 10 oz is the right size. And they are white. I don’t want white. *sigh* yuppie problems.


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Pizza Party!

If it were 1981 and Black Flag were here they would be really really excited because We`re gonna have a Pizza Party Tonight – Alright! There`s no Black Flag but I can still pretend that Pizza Party and TV Party are the same thing.

Pizza Party can be either super fast or take some time, in this case it is fairly fast. Either way it is way cheaper, way better and way faster (kinda) than ordering up one. And you know there is no corn syrup in the sauce. I hate corn syrup. Even Lombardi`s corn syrups their sauce these days. At least I am convinced the do, it is way too sweet, if it isn’t corn sypup it is pretty sugary. Maybe you like sugary, then just make your sauce sweeter.



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