Smoky Roasted Cauliflower Soup

The sick has set in and since it is Sunday, I made a soup. the husband had a cram of cauliflower soup while on vacation which gave me an idea. I used Jamie Oliver’s broccoli-Stilton soup as a base and tweaked it.

This is very creamy but had no cream, milk, or roux. Just a potato to help thicken it. I roasted the cauliflower for more flavor and used a naturally smoked cheese and paprika to make it smoky. You could swap the cheese for a drizzle of truffle oil to make this vegan/dairy-free and skip the ciabatta crouton to make it gluten free.

Try it, it’s good.


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Wild Rice Soup

I finally got sick and have been in bed all weekend. I got up to make some soup only cuz I was sick of being in bed and did not want take out again. Last night was Vegetable Pho. Or like a bowl of sriacha broth with veg. I hope to get back to the gym tomorrow. Hope.

Back to the soup. The local fancy grocery back in Minneapolis, Byerly’s, had this wild rice soup that was legendary. Yeah, I know grocery store restaurant. Makes no sense. If you google Byerly’s wild rice soup. Or Lund’s wild rice soup you will get the recipe. And a lot of waxing longingly over this soup.

Theirs was pretty calorie laden and had meat. This is my version.


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Garbazo and Cannelini Bean Vegetable Soup

I’d be lying if I said I made this today. I ate the leftovers today, but made this on Sunday and never posted. It is really more of a stew than a soup.

It was perfect on a cold rainy night after a super long day of trying to wrap up all my seating for my gala and not getting it done then jumping over to the gym for a short session even though I worked until 8 tonight.




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Potato Leek Soup

I never did an on deck post since work is too busy. I did plan out some things I was going to make though, this was one of them. Again, I am currently cutting down on too many days of wheat and dairy, not the carbs. Love me my carbs.

This is good as it is easy, really low fat and made for the most part with pantry staples. Cheap too, if that’s a consideration.


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Healthy Wild Mushroom Soup

It’s officially fall-like and cold-ish and the humidity is gone. Time for another soup. I saw this on Jamie Oliver’s site and thought it would be a winner and it was. I rather like his recipes as they tend to not need to be fixed in any sort of way, are unfussy, and don’t use fat just to use fat, yet are not aggressively ‘diet food.’.

This was no exception. It was creamy without a cream or roux base, could be made dairy-free if needed, and ZOMG! Good. If you wanted to make this gluten free, I think it would be good over potatoes. Though it is pretty hefty on it’s own.


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Sorta Minestrone Soup

I’ll admit it. I’m kinda hung over today. And yeah, I may have stayed in bed til 3pm. But I cooked from 12:30-7pm straight + helped clean the house. And dinner party became a dance party til 4am.

So knowing this would be a possibility, I planned to make soup. Too bad it was so humid or it would have been super perfect. It was very good and certainly what we both needed.


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Split Pea Soup

I love me some split pea soup. Now that the weather has turned and with a nudge from a post this week on, I was armed with a base recipe to try making myself. I was gonna make the crust for quiche today, but I was to tired after the gym today and stuck with this. Aside: these really gross ads for Denny’s new cheese menu keeps running and I swear they are not even bothering to hire a food stylist and the macaroni and cheese patty melt is just vile looking.

Anyhoo, so I had a summer squash around and thought it would make a good addition. And some ginormous leeks and I like leeks so used those rather than onion. But first, we got home from the gym and were about to start cooking and I can’t find the split peas I ordered from Fresh Direct. So I ask the husband if he remembered unpacking them. No. Ugh. So I look at my order and see I forgot to hit the checkout button on all three, yes three, screens and it did not get into my updated cart. I really hate that I have to confirm my order three times. Effing irritating. So now we have to go to the stupid Fine Fare. Lucky I checked and saw that my carrots and celery did not in the cart so I knew to get those too. So we are at the Fine Fare and they have no split peas in the yuppie, I mean organic section. So I go to grab the Goya ones. The husband is all confused and asks why I wanted the organic, will the Goya not taste as good? I’m all, no it’s the same, I just wanted the other cuz I’m a yuppie. We lol’d.


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