Barcelona 8

It was our last day in barcelona and it all went astray. The husband finally got a full blown stomach flu and was down for the count. Or rather puking his guts out.

I went out to get to do some last minute stuff in the afternoon. Namely check out the kitty garden and grab some lunch. The kitties, it turns out, were not accessible and I could only stare at them longingly throughout the fence. So I went to read a mag and then walk around.

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Wine Shopping

We travel for wine. Some people think this is nuts but we bring back cases of wine when we travel and not the crap from duty free or $50 ++ bottles. We buy bottles to cellar and wines that are not imported. Something special and you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. Generally, you pay to have your wine aged for you and ready to go. You can get an exceptional bargain if you buy it and hold it yourself.

We have a nice bodega across from our flat but unlike some other merchants, they are a bit confused by us. We grabbed some great wines but were excited to happen upon a Penedes regional market set up over the weekend outside the Boqueria. You got a glass for a euro and could taste away. We were on our way to grab lunch but stopped for a taste and told them we would be back in an hour.

We also checked out the foodstuffs. Cheese and jambon and dried mushrooms, which I can’t figure out if they will trigger my luggage so I had to skip, and honey and stuff


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41 Degrees Barcelona

41 Grados/41 Degrees is Ferran Adria‘s new-ish place that is 41 courses plus some cocktail matches and riffs on the old menu at El Bulli. We never could get to El Bulli and barely could get in here, but we found another couple who had a res for 4 and were able to share on theirs which was super!

This was our bank breaker at 140€ each plus a 23€ bottle of wine. The total bill was ~360€.  Luckily, our dining companions indulged my food picture taking. Unfortch the lighting sucked and my pics are not the best but here they are.




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Barcelona 2

We actually got up and went to lunch today. Goal was Kaiku but our only choice was an outside table when we called ahead before we left. All good, it’s 66 degrees, right. Ummm. Yeah. It is windier and colder at the beach. But if the windsurfers could deals so could we. 20111121-035234.jpg

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Barcelona 1

Barcelona 1.

After a crappy sleepless flight and a delay in getting in to our rental flat we set off briefly while waiting for The flat be cleaned to the Boqueria. We are literally outside the door of the Boqueria and score, across the street from a small wine vendor.

With time to kill waiting for the apt to get cleaned we set off to get food. Instead of buying foodstuffs we hit Bar central to eat.


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